FOSTWOM project is a three-year Co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ for Higher Education. FOSTWOM intend to use the inclusive potential of MOOCs to propose STEM subjects free of stereotypes on gender skills.

One bridging STEM MOOC

One bridging STEM MOOC (Intro to Machine Learning) designed for secondary and undergraduate students and teachers with relevant applications of Math and/or Physics (piloting August 2021; coming January 2022).

One graduate STEM MOOC

One graduate STEM MOOC (Intro to Human-Computer Interaction) produced and designed among all partners, taking into consideration the main expertise of each partner’s teams (piloting January 2022).

One transversal attractive MOOC

One transversal attractive MOOC aiming to analyse existing STEM MOOCs within the consortium through a gender balance perspective intended to instructional designers and teaching staff involved in the development of STEM MOOC contents (piloting September/October 2021).