FOSTWOM present in CISPEE and EMOOCs

woman in beige knit sweater using Surface laptop

FOSTWOM project was present in a session of CISPEEE2021 dedicated to Gender Balance and Diversity in Engineering last 22nd June and in one of the International Track sessions of eMOOCs2021 the 24th June, both held online. For the presentation in the 4th International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (CISPEE 2021), Ana Moura Santos (IST) talked about the on-going actions of FOSTWOM, at large, and focused on several practical aspects of the gender-balanced Toolkit for designing the MOOCs of the project. While, during the the 7th European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit (EMOOCs), Carlos Turró addressed the challenges and achievements of the project. Both presentations were followed by vivid discussions on the application of the Toolkit by other institutions and in other contexts outside STEM. The sessions were attended by more than 30 and 50 participants, respectively.  For the EMOOCs 2021 a paper is accepted for publication in the Proceedings that will be published online (open access), and in a print edition by University Press Potsdam.